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Why go to an Independent School?

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Why Independent Schools?

traditionally offer small classes; a high teacher to pupil ratio; good academic results; and a disciplined though not necessarily formal environment. They also typically provide a wide and well organised co-curricular programme of Sport, Music, Drama, and Art. Some Independent Schools are highly selective academically, while others may specialise in Music, Theatre or Sport. Parents may have a greater choice of schools, not constrained by Local Authority Allocations, especially if the pupils are boarding and not constrained by travel distance.

Guides for Parents Considering Independent Schools in Year 7

Most Independent schools require prospective students to sit an Entrance Exam and if they do well in this they will be invited for an interview. The Entrance Tests at 11+ for Year 7 Entry and 13+ for Year 9 Entry are usually taken 6 to 9 months before entry.


Each school will have its own timeline for entrance procedures, and parents should look at the Admissions Pages on the website of the individual schools that they are considering for their child, but the following will be typical for entry in September

Families should visit the Schools they are considering on School Open Days

October –  (or earlier): ISEB Pre-tests are taken in Year 5 for Year or taken in Year 7 for Year 9 entry

October: Deadline for Entrance, Scholarship and Bursary applications. This may require a non-refundable deposit of around £100.

November to January: Scholarship Assessments for Sport, Music and Drama.

January:  11+ and 13+ Entrance Exam Days; may also be November of the previous year or May

January: Academic Scholarship Exams

January:  Interviews and Offers.

We will continue to keep us updated as it is a Tripartite assignment for us at JRT, parent and student.

We will all work hard and all celebrate at the end of it all to the glory of God.