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About Us

about 11Plus College Bexley


Why chose us?

  •  Qualified subject specialist tutors

    Small group sessions to ensure every learner’s needs are catered for


    A focus on core subjects Maths, English and Reasoning


    Building self-confidence along the way


    Structured feedback for parents and learners.

Our Subjects


At these sessions, we cover the basic elements of mathematics. It focuses on number, decimals, fractions, percentages and ratios to mention a few. This is essential learning for the CEM 11+ examinations in Bexley and for GL Assessment style 11+ Maths for Kent 11 Plus tests.

Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning

At these sessions, we cover all the essential elements required for both verbal ability and non-verbal reasoning required by CEM in 11+ examinations and verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning required by GL Assessment in some other grammar examinations.

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal ability comprises comprehension; cloze activity; synonyms, antonyms and homonyms. Whilst Verbal reasoning comprises basic logical/processing techniques and additional work on the English components of GL Assessment style VR tests that also have relevance to CEM 11+ tests.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

At these sessions, we cover all the techniques required by GL Assessment and CEM style non-verbal tests. 3D rotation is specifically required by CEM and this will be covered in detail.


At these sessions we cover:

• Extensive test practice and instruction in comprehension skills.

• Components designed to improve the children’s grammar, spelling and vocabulary.

• Test practice materials designed to reinforce learning.