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Absence Policies

It is important to please note that tuition fees are paid monthly in advance.

In view of the peculiarity of our venue, it is important parents inform us well ahead of time ( 2 weeks ) if children are going to be absent so we can set work for the child(ren), this will ensure the child(ren) do not miss out on any work as we run on the school curriculum according to dates we have noted on the monthly bills sent through.

It is therefore important to note that all SESSIONS are due to be paid for irrespective of the child(ren) not attending.
(However exceptional cases will be reviewed on a case by case basis.)

Definitely work will be given to the child(ren) for any session missed if we have 2 weeks notice.

Where the tutor will not be available (outside of emergencies ) early notification will also be given to parents.

However, going forward we will endeavour not to put lessons on Saturday’s ending half terms. ( This cannot be guaranteed for year 5s as they need more lessons to cover up their syllabus. )

This Notice is to allow for continued progress as every time a child(ren) misses a session it draws the class back and that is why the advance notice is important so the child(ren) are introduced to the topic taught whilst they are away via homework to be set for the days they are away.

If a parent is having transportation problems please let me know in advance.

Termination Policies

A one month notice is required should a parent wish to terminate the tuition.
Where this advance notice is not provided, the fees for the child’s supposedly outgoing month becomes payable whether the child(ren) attends the session or not.

If parent is having transport problem please LET US KNOW

Your kind understanding on this subject will be greatly appreciated.