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Year 6 SAT Booster

Year 6 SAT BoosterOur Year 6 SAT Booster programme is tailored towards adequately preparing children to perform brilliantly at the end of Year 6 test. The programme covers the primary subjects of English, Numeracy, Spellings, Punctuations and Grammar.

Our Key Stage 2 Booster programme is aimed at students in Years 7, 8 and 8 who are already in secondary school. It solidly prepares children in the core subjects of English and Mathematics which are precursors to success at GCSE.
In our usual way of keeping our students constantly ahead of their peers,

We commence our year 7 tuition for our year, 6 students, in the month of May, immediately after KS2 SATS.

Our focus for this group of students will be – Year 7 subjects – English, Maths and Science.

Cost per month- £120 per student for more than 18 hours of tuition per month

BACK TO SCHOOL AFTER COVID- As soon as school resumes, all year 7 online classes will have a later start time -6 or 6.30 p.m

YEARS 7 to 9 PLAN: We intend to continue working with this group till December 2020 in the first instance, and we intend to support each group weekly till the end of their KS3 (Year 9) in secondary school via the weekly online classes.